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Facebook, You Fiend!

March 4, 2010

Okay, I just have to get this out.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by life lately. I’ve been doing as little as possible to get by – even in my job. That means a lot of things, but at the moment the part that is bothering me is that doing as little as my attempt to das little as possible has led me to spend some of my work time on non-work stuff. Mostly online. Mostly on Facebook.

I got into a major Facebook and Twitter habit while I was the Assistant Online Editor and it was part of my job to be on these sites throughout the day. Periodically I would sign in and I would invite people to be the friends with my organization. I would make sure our RSS feeds were working correctly. I would even play Mafia Wars during my 15-minute breaks twice a day.

The thing is, I’m not the Assistant Online Editor anymore. But I’m still in the habit of signing into Facebook and Twitter periodically to check things…and sometimes get sucked into social networking instead of professional networking.

This has honestly been a struggle for me since I started with these sites. I have tried to be sure not to spend too much time on them – whether at work or at home – and the for the most part I am successful. But it ebbs and flows. I’ll have weeks when I spend almost no time on them and then others when I don’t realize that I’m living online.

Last week I realized that I was edging toward living online again and I decided it had to stop. Unfortunately for me…so did my boss.

He mentioned it to me this morning. I told him honestly what was up and he was gracious. I, on the other hand, am embarrassed. First of all, that this has become such a problem for me and second, if he noticed it, it has also probably interfered with my work at least a little bit.

He didn’t write me up or yell at me or anything like that, but I’m still embarrassed. And ashamed and scared too, I guess. And these feelings are causing me to have a hard time concentrating. So, I’m writing this down in an effort to get it out and get over it.

Facebook, you fiend! I must resist you…I must.

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering I wrote most of this during my break and then edited and posted it over lunch.)

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