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Crystal is Such a Downer…

March 12, 2010

Well really it’s an upper because it’s an amphetamine… Oh wait, you mean the person Crystal? That’s funny, I always thought she was a pretty cheerful type.

Well, yeah, but lately there has just been something wrong with her. She has been depressed. Like sit on your couch and don’t do anything depressed. Like wear pajamas as much as possible depressed. Like eat candy instead of real food depressed.

I mean she hasn’t even been writing on her blog!

But I thought writing was really important for her to do when she was sad about something?

It is…and she has been so upset that she hasn’t even been writing in her diary. Crazy right? Well the good news is that she snapped out of it — rather abruptly, in fact — yesterday at noon.

I don’t know what it was. Maybe her chiropractor’s appointment. Maybe all the praying she’s been dooing. Maybe the sunshine. Maybe it’s that she FORCED herself to go to lunch at a restaraunt and spend some time writing in her journal.

Whatever it was she started feeling better around 1 p.m. and just got better and better all day. Thank god.

I know…I’ve been missing her blogs. And her smiles.

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