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Bravery and the Hot Guy

June 11, 2010

So, about 9:40 a.m. Paul showed up.

Who is Paul you might ask? Well Paul isn’t his real name but I’ll call him that today. And he is the beautiful man who shows up here at the office from time to time to fix the printer, and I have a crush on him. I don’t know what it is about him that I find so attractive, but the only way I can describe him is beautiful.

Maybe it’s his laugh. Maybe it’s his kind manner. Maybe it’s because I know he has a job.

Anyway, in the 7 months since I have been in this department, I have seen him a handful of times. And in that time, the crush has developed to the point that I regret not asking him…something before he leaves each time. I don’t know what I want to ask him exactly. But something. Something that would mean we would get to know each other better. Maybe ask him on a date. Or to hang out. Or to make out. No…not make out.

The older ladies in my department haven’t been any help either – gooing around me every time he shows up. It makes me wish I had done something more every time. But, I guess that’s par for the course when you are the only single person in the department. For some reason everyone wants you to be paired up.

Well, Paul and I always have polite conversations while he’s here fixing the printer – which is right by my desk by the way. It always centers around the printer or work or whatever little thing might happen while he’s here. And I always hope for some chance to find out if he’s got a girlfriend or if he’s married or even what he likes to do on the weekends. Maybe that’s the something I want to ask.

But how do you bring something like that up? “So, paper jams suck, don’t they? Yeah I hate them too – are you married?” Or, “That bypass try is such a hassle. What are you doing this weekend? Can I come along?”

Not very organic. And, let’s just admit it, kind of creepy. I don’t want to be creepy. But I do want to get to know more about this guy.

Well, today he was fixing the stapling mechanism in the machine so he was here for quite a while. Long enough for me to get up the courage to do something—I gave him my phone number.

Well, first I tweeted about it and e-mailed my sister about it and then I responded to some people on Facebook about it. But then, I wrote my cell number on my business card with a little note and then I had enough courage to give him my number.

So, as he was leaving I followed him out a little bit and said, “I don’t know the appropriate way to do this and I don’t want to embarrass you, but you seem really cool and I’d like to maybe hang out some time.”

Then I handed him my card and said something like, “Unless you already have enough friends.”

Then he said, “Well, I’m not single, but, you know…” “or good to know…” or something like that.

There was more, but I forget it already. I probably said something dismissive after that as I ran back to my desk.

Breathe in Crystal…now breathe out. Wow, I was a lot more embarrassed about that than I thought I would be. Was he embarrassed too? I think he was turning a little pink in the cheeks. Now I feel bad.

I really didn’t want to embarrass him. I thought at the very least he would be complimented. Hey, well at least he told me that he had a woman and I won’t be waiting by the phone wondering why he didn’t call.

Man, maybe I shouldn’t have done that. I should have just left it alone. If he liked me enough he would have asked me out himself – right?

Okay, my heart is getting back to it’s normal speed again. Of course he wasn’t single. He’s so beautiful and sweet. He’s probably married with kids. Well I hope they are deeply in love.

My sister told me not to be embarrassed, but I still am a little bit. I really hope he felt complimented and that maybe – even if it was a little embarrassing for him – that it somehow brightened his day.

And, hey, at least I did something brave today. Now we’ll see how brave I am the next time the printer breaks.

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  1. June 11, 2010 2:05 pm

    Kudos to you! I've got a hot mailman that used to come to my office every day, but now only MAYBE fills in if the regular mailman is on vacation. I've been dying to be as brave as you were today!


  2. June 11, 2010 3:43 pm

    Well, I wish you good luck and I'm sending you bravery vibes right now. I survived it — I'm sure you can too!


  3. June 11, 2010 6:24 pm

    First off, new format is friggin' awesome. LOVE IT.Second off, I hate to sound cliche, but when you have the choice to sit it out or dance…


  4. June 11, 2010 6:26 pm

    By the way, I'm pretty proud of you for going for it, right now. Not that my approval should matter, but, I love seeing people at least trying.


  5. June 12, 2010 9:48 pm

    I can only assume that he's going to take it as a compliment at the very least. Who doesn't want someone to come up to them and give them their number in the hopes to hang out. Embarrassment on both of your parts or not, I think that was pretty awesome of you.


  6. June 13, 2010 4:14 am

    That exact same thing happened to me last fall…I met a gorgeous guy in one of my classes and kept debating about whether to ask him to do something, finally got up the courage to ask him to hang out and he said something about a girlfriend and I walked away sad. He was so gorgeous too…


  7. June 13, 2010 7:24 am

    Sometimes you gotta jump,Just to see if you can fly!~ miranda lambert I love ya!


  8. June 13, 2010 3:36 pm

    Thanks for all the support guys!


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