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If I had a million dollars…

July 22, 2010

I’d be rich.

Who’s seen “Office Space?” Yeah I know most of you have. And right now most of you are thinking about one of the hilarious elements of the movie. Either about Milton and his stapler or about cover pages for TPS reports…or how about Michael Bolton and the fax machine? Then there’s my favorite: “You wanna see my flair? Here, I’ll show you my flair!”

But how about the more profound element of the film, the big question, “What would you do if you had a million dollars?”

For a lot of us our first response is a lot like the main character’s reaction: nothing. And I must say the appeal of nothing is hard to deny. And, although that answer made for some pretty funny stuff in the flick, I think it is important to go deeper.

If you had a million dollars, or however much money is enough money that you don’t have to work anymore, what would you be doing to fill your days? Most people would eventually pursue some kind of work. What work would you pursue?

For those of you who read my blog, I think it’s kind of obvious what my first answer would be: writing. But even more than that, I would still want to go to graduate school for creative writing because I still want that experience and I still want the help – even if I had to give them the entire million dollars.

Of course, if I had a million dollars I would probably be trying to get into a more high-profile school than the ones I’m currently considering. And I wouldn’t be worrying about student aid. I’ve got a million bucks you can give the student aid to someone else.

So, do you know what you would do if you had enough money that you didn’t have to work anymore? You got it? Now, think really hard about it…

Is there any reason why you can’t do that thing now?

I know what you’re thinking – because I don’t have a million dollars. But really think about it. Is it something that you can do in your spare time? Maybe something you can do a little bit of from time to time? Or is it something that you could actually quit your job and do?

I used to have a million reasons to either put off or not do that thing that I would do “if.” The “if” in the sentence became the most important part of the idea. I was thinking “if this” or “if that” then I could pursue this thing that I really wanted to do.

I didn’t have enough spare time or experience. I wanted to do it all at once instead of a little bit at a time. I didn’t want to put a bunch of energy into it unless I knew it could succeed…and a million other things that I don’t remember.

But a while back I decided to quit waiting, quit putting it off. Instead I thought, “okay, I can just work at this a little bit at a time and eventually I’ll have something.”

And it has been amazing. Especially the last few weeks while I’ve been really hitting the blog hard – it has become it’s own reward.

While at work I still find myself thinking that I wish I were blogging – or just writing – but pursuing this without the ifs has made a huge difference. Sure, I don’t have as much time to sit around doing nothing. But even with out the million dollars I’m feeling rich.

Wow…this blog just got really cheesy.

So, what would you do if you had a million dollars and why aren’t you doing it now – even just a little bit?

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  1. Kris permalink
    July 22, 2010 9:55 pm

    I would buy a nice house that had enough space in it for my kids to have their own spaces to themselves. I would also pay off my car & trade it in on a spanking new model 🙂 Mostly because I really like my car..and I would like it even better new! I think I would also hire myself a personal trainer – – so I could get buff..and skinny. Other than that…I would volunteer wherever I was needed…which I don’t have time for now – – but if I had a million bucks..I would have time!


    • July 23, 2010 9:24 am

      Thanks for the answer, but the question wasn’t what you would spend the money on — it’s how would you would spend the time the money allows you to have.


  2. July 23, 2010 5:22 am

    If I had a million dollars, I’d take my husband, Mom, Dad, Siblings and Friends on a cruise (all expenses paid) to one of those places where you can sit on the beach and drink umbrella drinks (if you choose to)…some place that has a jungle nearby (for Jim) and shopping that’s fabulous (well, for lots of people I know and love). Then I’d come home and fix up the house (all at once instead of a little at a time)…although I do appreciate the gifts and lessons that come wrapped in not having instant gratification at all times, just as You do, Crystal! 🙂

    I guess there’s no reason that I’m not on a cruise NOW. I AM however, planning a cruise (sorry friends, the all expenses paid by me for everyone else will have to go on the “When I’m a Millionairess Bucket List”)

    I would volunteer more and travel more, and read more books and sing and play my guitar more. And YES… I WOULD likely stop doing my “day job” (or at least cut down to 2 days per week).

    I’m doing all of those things “a little bit” now. (Although travel has recently gotten placed higher on the list) Thanks for the reminder though, to dig a little deeper and “Do It” a little bit more!

    Steppin’ it up a notch –
    I AM!


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