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No Regrets

September 6, 2010






These are becoming less and less a part of my life as I move forward on a new spiritual path. In fact, some are downright foreign concepts at this point. I don’t even like the word sin anymore and I almost refuse to use it because it has so many horrible and false ideas about life and the Universe attached to it.

I feel like the Universe and God are far too abundant and loving to punish us for what we do “wrong.” There are clearly consequences to a person’s actions, but even the wisest person can’t always avoid negative consequences. And sometimes completely benevolent actions have negative consequences. Telling the truth for example.

But telling the truth is still the right thing. And I believe that, no matter what the initial reaction to a hard truth, it is best in the long run.

Fear is always going to be a part of life and obviously the challenge there is to not let it paralyze you. Although, the idea of sin and the consequences of sin can be very paralyzing too. Maybe because of fear.

But the thing is I’m afraid of a lot of good things. And there are a lot of good things that will bring pain — or negative consequences with them. But pain almost always has a lesson with it — if you choose to glean from it.

About guilt. I have less and less of it everyday. Maybe that’s why I have fewer regrets ans rarely feel ashamed.

I’m getting to the point that —  in the long run — I don’t regret a lot of the things in my life because I have been able to glean truth and meaning from them as well. However, I still have the initial sting of doing something I shouldn’t have done. Doing something that hurt another person or doing something I should have known better than to do.

Yesterday I was a little stung. And I stung myself.

Now it’s time to remove the stinger and suck out some of the poison — and learn not to get near that particular venomous item again.

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  1. Confused permalink
    September 6, 2010 6:46 pm

    I am happy that these negative feelings and emotions are becoming a lesser part of your life. My experience to conquer these feelings is to give them up to a loving God. When reading scripture it talks about God’s requirment to wipe out ALL sin or what you like to call God’s “punishment”.


  2. Confused permalink
    September 6, 2010 6:56 pm

    I am happy that these negative feelings and emotions are becoming a lesser part of your life. My experience to conquer these feelings is to give them up to a loving God. When reading scripture it talks about God’s requirment to wipe out ALL(You reference this as God’s punishment, I’ll pray and thank Jesus for taking my place on the cross) to be able to bring healing and restoration to our realationship with Him. If we choose Jesus, He will forgive our sins.

    When you are in love with someone, hopefully you can relate here, and get hurt by that person through dissapointment, betrayl or whatever is that hurt you. At this time you do not feel as close to this person. Sin is this. So yes, God does love us all the same, however we need to reciprocate this love by continually chosing to obey Him and NOT sinning. Sin is real and cannot go away by ignoring it.


  3. September 7, 2010 7:27 am

    The fact that you are not getting near “that venomous item” again is your ability to understand the possible result of doing such. If we are smart enough to realize this, that process is the same as what we experience with recognizing sin. The problem with sin? Whether we are church goers or not, we probably all feel the consequences of sin. We as humans don’t like to feel convicted. It is human nature to want to be right more than wrong. Fact is, that is life. When you have a great relationship with someone, you certainly don’t need another person telling you how to feel about that relationship. In good choices and bad choices, you will find out. That is the model the creator designed. Your own time invested in a relationship with Christ will create a sense of understanding what to do with high moments and low moments. Simply recognize the, I am in the wrong” and I must do something about it times. Unfortunately, some leaders and congregational members of churches use confession of sin as a scare tactic. If not balanced with the more important values of our creation, this becomes a misuse of teaching and is just as sinful. By nature, we live in sin. God created atonement through his blood so that if we believe and confess, we are forgiven. Beyond this, it is not anyones place to shame you even more.

    Please don’t try to spend too much time creating reasoning behind where does my sin fit in life.
    It is what it is. There will always be some result of actions. If a negative action brings about a negative result then seek what is healthy for you to change it. Simply know that you have the free-will to accept Gods love, respect it and pass this to the ones you care about most.


  4. Tanya permalink
    September 9, 2010 11:16 pm

    God uses the word sin all the time; it is critically important to Him.

    “He was wounded and crushed

    because of our sins;

    by taking our punishment,

    he made us completely well.”

    – Isaiah 53:5


  5. September 10, 2010 10:04 am

    I especially liked this part:
    “Fear is always going to be a part of life and obviously the challenge there is to not let it paralyze you.”

    That’s such a key concept to grab hold of. I think we (generally speaking) tend to try to avoid fear or pain of any kind. But if we can look back and see what we’ve gained from previous scary/painful experiences, then we can also take that awareness with us as we move forward into new ones.

    I enjoyed this. I appreciate the honesty and straightforwardness in your writing and look forward to reading more.


  6. September 11, 2010 7:38 pm

    This is really a good post, Crystal. Authentic and introspective. Nicely done.

    I used to fall asleep every night feeling like I’d done something wrong that day, even though I probably hadn’t. I’d worked my ass off, I’d tried my best to be kind to others, I’d tried to meet everyone’s expectations and fit a certain mold. But it never felt right. I always had this sense of guilt I couldn’t shake. I did that for years until I cracked under the pressure. So I gave up and started following my heart and my instinct on every decision I made. As soon as I did that, I made better choices, felt like I was becoming a better person, gave more generously of myself.

    I think it takes following our true hearts and instincts to help us really steer clear of sin–whatever that means to an individual.


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