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Long Island is Beautiful

September 19, 2010


Mommy, baby and cereal. Isn't Long Island beautiful?


 So my adventure has begun. Tanya and Aaron have been very hospitable — of course! And Nara is amazing. For those of you who know how I normally respond to babies you will be surprised to know that I actually haven’t been annoyed by Nara once yet. 

It probably helps that she is very happy and doesn’t cry much. Although it seems she may be teething.  

So, so far Tanya and I have had lots of great talks and Aaron has been sure to take the scenic route everywhere. The first thing I noticed was how thick the trees are. It’s amazing. Oh, and there are vines on the trees. It reminds me of the trees from Oklahoma that always made me feel like I was living in a fantasy land. Vines on trees are the type of thing that, because I don’t see them in SD, I have sort of filed it in my brain as too exotic to exist in America. And then I see them…in America.  

So, last night Tanya took me to Port Jefferson to look at the shops, the port and walk around. We saw a rock-n-roll art gallery, people doing karaoke on the street and encountered a man who may have been making fun of Tanya for using a baby bjorn. He said he wanted one for his child because he was only going to carry the kid (no strollers for him)…and then he informed us that the child hadn’t been born yet.  

Honestly, he seemed drunk…and gay.  

Then we had some great ice cream (chocolate with marshmallow sauce and strawberries) and heard a fella give a good rendition of  “Forgiveness by Don Henley. I also bought a t-shirt at the Gap. I now have the shirt in six colors. This may be a compulsion.  

So, today Tanya and Aaron were kind enough to take me to the Hamptons. I will have pictures and a recap from the adventure tomorrow.

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  1. September 20, 2010 4:13 am

    That ice-cream is EXACTLY what I want to eat right now for breakfast. Argh!

    ADORABLE baby.

    Is it a caps day? MAYBE.


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