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In the City…

September 22, 2010

Yeah, I was excited to be there. So?

Well, first of all, getting into the city was pretty traumatic. Tanya, Nara and I were doing pretty well until we hit Queens Blvd. I have decided that road is one of the sphincters of the Universe.

There was a light every block and we had to stop at each one. It took over an hour to get where we were headed and, of course, once we got to Queens we wound up on 38th and 33rd instead of 33rd and 38th — or something like that.

Poor Nara was hungry and tired (and I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been wet too) by the time we finally found Sky. I hope the poor thing isn’t scarred for life because her sweet mother was helping me find my way to my long-lost friend Sky.

I was definitely excited to be there with Sky.

I wonder if the emotional aspect of our meeting was elevated because of the struggle to get to Sky, but it was so cheesy when I finally found him — like a scene from a movie. I mean I ran to him and gave him a hug and started crying.

He laughed at my tears.

We exchanged all the niceties. “I missed you,”  “great to see you,” “it’s so great hat you’re here,” all that stuff that we didn’t really have to say because we both already knew it. I was grinning and crying and already over whelmed by the city.

And then I had to say goodbye to Tanya and Nara. So, that had me all teary too.

Well, once my lovely ladies were gone and Sky and I had stowed my things at his brother’s place we headed out.

Sky had a job interview near Times Square so the plan was to kill two birds with one stone and he show me Times Square on the way.

But first we had to get there. That meant the subway. He helped me buy a metro pass, gave me a quick tutorial and we were off. (Although he didn’t tell me it was against the rules to put your feet on the seats. And I mean really against the rules — like you get a ticket against the rules.)

He was already walking way too fast for me. I was trying to take it all in and he was just trying to get where we were going. New Yorkers. Well, we got to the right stop and as soon as we emerged from the tunnel back into the light — and the heat — the first thing we had to do was get me some batteries for my camera, a Dr. Pepper and some maps of NYC.

Apparently New Yorkers don’t like Times Square. Mostly because of the Tourists — like me.

What can I say, over the past five years, I've missed his face.


But Sky endured it fabulously for me.

He took photos of me and with me and listened to me babble about all the advertisements everywhere. The billboards everywhere were overwhelming to say the least. and they made me want to talk shop. I wanted to discuss fonts and design and messaging. Maybe if Tanya had been there. Sky wasn’t having it. Besides, we had better things to talk about.

And he had a job interview to get to. So, after a few photos we headed to the interview.

I got to have dinner with my old friend, Sky and make a new friend -- Sky's girlfriend Carly.

While he was securing his next paying gig, I hung out in a church across the street. It was beautiful — and too dark to take photos of. I sat for a bit, walked around in awe of how complex the building was. I called my mom and cried and I write a bit.

Only in the city for an hour and I’d cried several times. I could tell that was going to be a theme of this part of my vacation.

After the  interview Sky found me and we meandered around. I wanted

to go to Magnolia Bakery to get some of their famous cupcakes (which, honestly weren’t that great). And then we headed to dinner.

His name is Albee...He was really good.


Just being around Sky was so great. But, oddly, I was having a hard time finding things to talk about. The whole thing seemed to have so much gravity that my words were failing me. But Sky was great. He found things to talk to me about and entertain me with.

Books, music, his favorite things about NYC.

The restaurant we were at was serving cheap margaritas…and since he was doing all the talking I was doing a lot of drinking. By the time his girlfriend Carly got there I was a little drunk.

Well, dinner was what dinners are. Talking, laughing, getting to know Carly, getting to know the city a bit. After we ate we walked around. Sky had an audition to go to, and as much as Carly and I loved him we decided it would be more fun to go to a gay bar and gossip about him.


Once Albee finished his solo it was time for a duet of sorts. It was trivia night and someone had to ask the a gold lamme skirt.

So we hit Posh and invited another friend of mine from high school, Donald to meet us there.


I don’t know if the conversation was really that amazing or if I was really that drunk. But it was great.

While we were waiting for Sky Donald, Carly and I got into some deep conversations about why we South Dakotans have such an affinity for one another — and why it is that, as Carly put it, high school is and was such a big deal to us. Donald explained it beautifully and actually helped inspire a new book that I started working on as soon as I got back from NYC. It was a great night.

The lovely Paulie and his hubby Donald (my buddy from high school) joined us at Posh. Paulie was very excited about the red velvet cupcake from Magnolia bakery that we gave him. I'm a fan of frosting myself.


We were also treated to a performance while we waited for Sky to finish up his audition. An adorable little man named Albee acted out a whole scene from “Wicked” while we were there. At one point he actually crawled up on another guys shoulders and was carried up and down the length of the bar.


Our party grew as Donald’s husband Paul joined us and so did Brianne, another friend of mine from high school. I know what you’re wondering: why did so many of them wind up in NYC?

I have no idea.


Brianne came to fetch me from Posh (the gay bar). But she wasn't in so much of a hurry that she couldn't pose for a photo or two. This is her with Sky's lady Carly.



Personally, I can’t imagine a scenario in which I would willingly live in NYC. But to each his own.

Once our entire group was assembled the folks at Posh started playing trivia. It was as if the fates had aligned and we were meant to win the bar tab.

To top it all off, Albee found out we were from South Dakota and he couldn’t get over it. I think he really wanted my first New York Gay Bar experience to be magical. That’s why he changed into that skirt.

I’m sure that’s why.

The illustrious trivia team, "Rapid Clitty Mouth Dakota Fanning." We won the first round with a perfect score. Sadly, after Brianne and I left...well, things fell apart a bit.

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  1. Matt79 permalink
    October 17, 2010 1:57 pm

    Glad you had such a great time! I’ve been to NYC once years ago and thought it was great too.


  2. October 17, 2010 6:06 pm

    Sounds like so much fun. Look forward to reading more!


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