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The Music in Me

October 4, 2010

Yesterday at church we had a musical guest. Two men with guitars and lovely voices. And I couldn’t help thinking about what it might be like if I were a musician. (As it is, I’m a singer at best.)

I was struck by the performance and the high-level of skill each man had. Due to a failed attempt to learn how to play the guitar myself a few years back, I was amazed that anyone’s fingers can do that. And the lyrics touched me: “I’m bound to wander…”

While listening, I had a thought – a thought that I’ve had before in fact – can you imagine what it would be like if music were the thing that came out of you? If your thoughts were chords and lyrics.

I can imagine it to a point because my writer-brain is full of the dialogue of conversations I’ve never had (or that I plan on my characters having once I write them down), but those are still just words. They are things we all use all the time. And words seem rather pedantic compared to melodies…

To poetry…

To harmony…

Of course, if I think about it I think there must be music in all of us – just like there are stories in all of us – but we don’t all have the skills and talents to get that music out. Sometimes I have to sing. But I have to look in the music of others for the sonatas that I sometimes feel.

So, maybe that’s why we need musicians, so that the music in them can get out into the world and access the music within us. And maybe that’s why we need writers and dancers and artists and actors. So that we can be heard, seen or felt in some form – even if someone else has to do it for us.

We need that art to get it out into the world, to experience it together. So that we can really hear each other…

See each other…

Feel each other’s hearts beating…

And think each other’s thoughts.

And imagine if music were what you were thinking. I’ll have to just imagine it for now. I’m busy with all your stories in my head. Trying to get them out and get them read. So that we can all see it and feel it together.

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  1. Suzanne permalink
    October 4, 2010 12:38 pm

    I love this – so beautifully written


  2. October 4, 2010 1:07 pm

    Nice read.

    “The woods would be very silent if the only birds that sang were those who sang best…” – Henry David Thoreau

    If you have a moment, read my latest.


  3. Deb permalink
    October 4, 2010 2:28 pm

    Good job, Crystal! Those were some of the same thoughts I’ve had, but I never allowed them to develop to the extent of expressing them. You’ve done it in a beautiful, poetic way that was a delight to read. Thank you for writing for me. 🙂


  4. October 5, 2010 11:10 am

    This is very beautifully written. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Unfortunately, I don’t have any music in me at all. I don’t really feel music, hear music, the way others do. I can be in a jazz bar and hardly notice the music at all – I’m just not driven by it. I’m more driven by words, by the conversation I’m having with the person next to me at the bar, by something moving the lead singer might say after they wrap up a set. But, I think it takes all types, and I’m happy there are people who have music in their hearts. And, I’m making an active effort to listen more, because there are moments (few and far between) that I feel moved by music – I want to capture them more frequently.


    • October 5, 2010 11:16 am

      I do think it is something that can be cultivated. The more I sing the more lyrics move me. But also…just the more I pay attention to everything and allow myself to be open to it the more I am moved by everything I experience. I can’t even count how many times I cried while in NY because I was grateful or amazed or awed by something.


  5. bombintime permalink
    October 23, 2010 1:23 pm

    love it.


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