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More than Sex: Jeremy

February 16, 2011

Jeremy is 32, divorced, has one child and works in IT. We almost dated once upon a time. We also had sex once or twice. I forget now how many times, I drank a lot back then.

What makes a man decide he wants more from a woman than just sex? Or domestic favors?

Jeremy: The woman’s personality I would say. If you like more than just her body or what she’s willing to do for you (domestic favors), then I would say that’s gonna make a guy want to be a woman’s boyfriend.

Me: So You didn’t like my personality?

Jeremy: Gosh, that’s a tough one. I understand the question better now. With you I don’t think that our personalities and lifestyles would work well over time.

Me: I agree.

Jeremy: I was in a different spot then. I was drinking a lot and pretty unhealthy mentally.

Jeremy: Where is all this coming from? Why are you asking?

Me: I agree. I’m just spitballing here. Something weird has happened. I have men all  over me, but all they want is sex. It doesn’t feel good. I feel disposable.

Jeremy: Yeah, I think somewhere along the way men have twisted dating all up. They think sex is part of the process in determining whether to be with a woman. Just wait for one that wants to and tries to hang out with you with no sex strings involved.

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