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More than Sex: Luke

February 16, 2011

Luke is 23, single, never married and has no children. He is a graduate student and has had one long-term relationship. He’s trying to find another.

We are just friends and he isn’t attracted to me at all. He, on the other hand, is incredibly hot and about the nicest, smartest and most sincere guy I have ever met. I have to talk myself down from a crush on a pretty regular basis.

He really is right, we wouldn’t work out. He’s so young compared to me. If he were sexually attracted to me he might wind up being my pet.

What makes a man decide he wants more from a woman than just sex? Or domestic favors?

Luke: Boy, tough one. I think there has to be some emotional dependence on her so he wants to please her too instead of her just existing to please him.

Me: How can a woman cultivate that?

Luke: I’m not sure. Perhaps it can be cultivated but I’ve only been interested in a few girls that way. Maybe it was a hard to get factor.

Me: Are you saying I’m too easy? J

Luke: Ha, no. I’m just trying to sort out my limited experiences to try and give you some clues. Hard thing to do.

Me: Thanks

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