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More than Sex: Dane

February 17, 2011

Dane, 30, single, never married, no children. Dane is currently a professional wild man, writer and photographer. He and I met when we were in a play together in high school. I even took him the prom when I was a Junior and he was a Sophomore. We had a great time. But we’ve never even kissed.

What makes a man decide he wants more from a woman than just sex? Or domestic favors?

Dane: Geez, I don’t really know … I mean, I’ve never wanted a woman for anything else 😉 Hehe joshin ya. Although I still don’t think I can give an answer with any kind of certainty. I guess I’d say when the man realizes he enjoys being with the woman (outside of sex of course) and finds himself happier when he’s with her. Maybe?

Me: Thanks, Dane.

Dane: How are you these days, Miss H?

Me: I’m obviously floundering about men. Otherwise pretty good. And you my darling, Dave?

Dane: I’m sorry to hear that 😦 Im doing pretty well actually — reeeeeally busy lately, but it’s been a good thing. You having any fun at all?

Me: Yeah, I just went to Minneapolis to see Julie. It was pretty fantastic.

Dane: Yay! I definitely believe that had to be fun! I need a fun trip like that —

Me: From one perspective the man stuff could be considered good. There are a lot of men who want to have sex with me. But sex seems to be all they care to have of me.

Dane: Have you considered making it known how you feel and writing off sex for a while to see who sticks around? (Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t turned into an abstinence preacher.)

Me: Well I did tell a guy last weekend that sex was not an option and he tried to get me to do everything but penetration.

Dane: Oh lord, that’s classy 😛

Me: Yeah. Classy guy. Who obviously doesn’t care about me very much.

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