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Self-Compassion and My Big Tummy

March 18, 2011

Do you treat yourself as well as you treat your friends and family? If you do you probably have a healthy dose of self-compassion.


Yeah, I had never heard the term before either. A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook a few days ago about the impact of “self-compassion” on dieting efforts. I guess the nicer we are to ourselves and the more slack we cut ourselves the more successful we will be in dieting. At least that’s what the article suggested. In fact the title was: Go Easy on Yourself, a New Wave of Research Urges.

I went to the website of the author they are talking about in this piece and I took her Self-Compassion test. I think I failed. I didn’t think long and hard about my answers really. And I voted pretty-middle of the road because I didn’t have any really strong initial reactions. But I thought I’d share my score too.

Smiling woman huddling with knees to chest

Cause I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!

Self-Kindness: 3.00
Self-Judgment: 2.60
Common Humanity: 1.50
Isolation: 2.75
Mindfulness: 4.50
Over-Identification: 2.75
Overall score: 3.15

Score interpretations: Average overall self-compassion scores tend to be around 3.0 on the 1-5 scale, so you can interpret your overall score accordingly. As a rough guide, a score of 1-2.5 for your overall self-compassion score indicates you are low in self-compassion, 2.5-3.5 indicates you are moderate, and 3.5-5.0 means you are high. Remember that higher scores for the Self-Judgment, Isolation, and Over-Identification subscales indicate less self-compassion, while lower scores on these dimensions are indicative of more self-compassion (these subscales are automatically reverse-coded when your overall self-compassion score is calculated.)

After taking the test I also downloaded some of the author’s meditations. I’ve done a couple of them and I think I feel better already. Anyway, I’m still thinking about losing some weight even though I totally gave up on the 500 calorie diet after just a week. (Whatever that hormone was it actually made me more hungry not less hungry. ) As I said before, I know that most of my issues with this are internal and need to be dealt with on an emotional level before they can ever manifest on a physical level. You know, kind of like with drug addicts.

Of course, figuring out how to heal and deal on a deeper level how will be a doosey. And if I figure it out I’ll let you know the secret. For now I do know that among the other factors involved in the creation of my big tummy, my personal lack of self-compassion is part of the issue. I even wrote a post once about how after I started loving myself I started losing weight. Which was odd to me because I had always figured that once I lost the weight I would start to love myself.

Anyway, until I get this all figured out for myself, I’d love to know what you think of the above article and the concept of self-compassion. How much self-compassion do you have?

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  1. March 19, 2011 4:07 am

    What a great way to look at body image!


  2. April 8, 2012 4:51 pm

    I love this post! I am not sure how I came to be here, but I am glad I did. I am on a quest to try and make mysef more compassionate towards myself. My psych is convinced that midfulness and self-compassion are my ways out of this deep and consuming depression. I was delighted to find the test you linked to!
    I look forward to reading more!


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