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The Big Plan…For Now: Crystal Waits Tables

April 4, 2011

I’m gonna be a waitress.

Are you proud? Maybe you will be after I tell you more about the plan.

In order to start my business I need money. Guess what I don’t have: Money.

Oh, you guessed it!

So I need to make some money somehow. So I’ve gotten a second job. And…I’m hoping that it will become my primary job soon.

See I kind of hate my primary job right now. In fact, I’ve been hating it for a while now. (All my regular readers know that, right?) Like about a year. And I’ve REALLY been hating it for about 9 months. In fact, things at the office have really been systematically falling apart ever since I was promoted to Entertainment Editor — and that was 3 years ago!

Are you confused? I know, being promoted to Entertainment Editor sounds like a great thing. And it would have been — if I had been able to do the job. But about the time I got my replacement trained they pulled the section. After that I was bounced around in the newsroom enough that I took a job in the ad department.

I know what my reporter friends are thinking, and no I did not switch to the dark side. I just picked the better boss and the more stable job and moved downstairs.

At least I thought it was a more stable job.

My job was still supposed to include designing and writing. But it quickly changed. I had fewer and fewer things to design and more and more systematic crap to deal with. I guess systems are my particular curse. I’m good at unraveling screwy systems, but I suck at using them day-in and day out. Okay I don’t suck at it. I HATE it. There’s a difference.

Anyway, because of all of our messed up (an non-existent) systems and the needs of my department in regard to them, it got to the point that it is no longer a primary function of mine to actually create anything. Once I realized that I started to get depressed. And in recent months my appointment of “gatekeeper” for the MOST convoluted and stupid billing system ever invented has started to grow. I have more and more to do in these systems every day. And then to horror to this already horrifying element, the spread sheets came in.

Ahh! Hide the women and children…the spreadsheets are coming!

Granted, some people would love a job making sure that the company had crossed all it’s ‘T’s dotted all it’s ‘I’s and been sure to triple check every little thing in the billing system. Like, my mom, for example. Spreadsheets and bottom lines are sort of her thing. Me, I prefer to use the term “bottom line” in cliché ways that amount to half-assed threats.

Anyway, one of the few reasons I have worked here so long is because I wasn’t able to find a better job that paid the same amount of money. Sure I’ve applied for a few, but so did everyone in the state with comparable skills. Plus, I have a journalism degree so I wanted to use it. Not that I’m using it now. Today I get to e-mail reports, compile a spreadsheet interfacing several different computer systems then order and load all of our online ad orders.

Good thing I got that journalism degree.

Anyway, in past months I had been consoling myself (and hanging on for dear life) with the thought that I would be going to grad school in the fall. I figured I could suck it up until then. Every time something went wrong here at work I would think, “I get to leave in August.” Well, obviously that isn’t entirely true anymore.

But I’ve decided to make it a goal.

Even though I have a great idea for a business of my own I currently don’t see how I can get the business together and up and running in time to be out of here by August. I don’t have enough money. (Honestly, I don’t have any money.) So, I need to get some money.

So, I got a second job waitressing.

Right now my plan is to work both jobs over the summer and save a TON of money. Okay, not a ton. But maybe $5000? I also want to pay off my car and my last credit card. It would be great if I could get a new computer too. If I can do that by Oct. 1 I might be able to quit this job and work at the restaurant full-time while getting ready to start my new business.

Good plan, right?

Anyway, once I quit my job at the newspaper, my goal will be to submit my business plan to the governor’s awards (win $20,000) and get the business ready to be started by this time next year. April 1, 2012. I will probably still have to work part time at the restaurant at first. But that’s the goal. And I wanted to put it all out here into the ether so that it’s that much more likely to come true. And I start tomorrow.

So if you believe in prayer, please pray for me. This is will be a lot of hard work. And I wish I had started it 3 years ago!

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  1. April 5, 2011 6:46 am

    You could turn this whole thing into a story for the local paper. I keep thinking, Well Langston Hughes was discovered that way.


    • April 5, 2011 8:03 am

      Except, I work for the local paper. I don’t think they want to publish a story about how much I hate working there. Maybe you can give me a good spin for the story that would make it more appealing.


  2. April 9, 2011 12:31 pm

    Good luck with the waitressing! Hard work, but maybe you’ll get some good stories out of it 🙂



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