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Epic Weekend

May 9, 2011
Crystal and Sky, hugging in times Square, NYC

Okay, so this isn't from this weekend, but it is me and Sky. Do you recognize it from my NYC photos?

3.5 days, one old friend visiting town, copious amounts of alcohol, four deep conversations, 12 hours of sleep, three parties,  50 introductions, one bonfire, one barbecue, one romantic comedy, two crushes re-ignited, one crush vanquished, 110 fortune cookies, numerous sexual advances, two condoms used, several injuries (that might leave a permanent mark), one mountain climbed, one cell phone lost and several painful goodbyes.

That’s what I call an epic weekend. And it was mostly thanks to Sky.

Thanks, Sky.

Of course, I’ve also been trying to get more out of my time off (since time off is now rare due to my two jobs). After this weekend, I’m thinking, “mission accomplished.” That was more weekend than I’ve squeezed all into such a small amount of time EVER.

Maybe I should stop sleeping so often.

So we started the weekend with a short tour on our way to dinner and drinks at and old haunt. Then out for a bit of dancing and more drinking. Then an after party with more drinking (and a beautiful Ethiopian man who tried to take my clothes off in the bathroom).

Then to my home where thing got really wild — I fell down the stairs and now have a friction burn on my arm as a result. Blasted high heels.

The next day, after about three hours of sleep we had breakfast and headed into the hills. Where we actually climbed a mountain. (Are you impressed by me? I got a little bit of the adventure I was wanting after all.) And, of course I hurt myself while we were doing that as well. Just a few scrapes and such. I should recover fully.

Except that I dropped my cell phone somewhere in the hills on the way back down from Poet’s Table. And I didn’t even realize it until after we were back in Rapid. Oh well, they say you are supposed to leave something behind at Poet’s Table. Yeah, I drove all the way back to the lake to look for it. No luck.

By then it was time for more drinks and dancing. I didn’t drink. Actually, I think I was still a little drunk from the night before. Come to think of it I didn’t dance much either. I was a little sore after the hiking, etc. But I enjoyed watching until one of the fellas in our party was done drinking for the night so he had to be taken back to the hotel. But that didn’t stop us from partying on.

After a quick Wendy’s run,  Amanda and I met up with Sky and a few of his crew at a local bonfire. (Even after washing my hair it still smelled like smoke all day Saturday and Sunday.)

The night ended rather uneventfully, but I still didn’t make it to bed until about 3 a.m.

And I was up by 8 for a goodbye breakfast with Sky and the rest of his theatre troupe. Whew. That’s when the hangover hit. And I hadn’t even drank the night before.

Well, we ate, we said goodbye, I cried. Then he left. And I was sadly back in my normal life for a while, cleaning my apartment and writing like I normally do on Saturdays. But wait, I had another party to go to!

Are you impressed by my fantastic life yet?

I took Dee and we met a lot of great people.

Even with all that weekend, I still, sadly, didn’t get to have a deep, meaningful conversation with one of the boys I am currently crushing on. But it’s my own fault. I sort of freeze around him. I don’t think of important questions to ask and I can’t think of things about myself that he might want to know — and, come to think of it he didn’t ask me much. So, maybe he doesn’t want to know. Maybe we aren’t meant to be important to one another after all.

On the other hand, another man I was talking with called me a blowtorch – when referring to his personal icy, outer shell. It’s always so great to be told you’re abrasive, isn’t it? And I thought I was just curious.


Although, some people do tell me deeply personal things without me even asking. But, then again I did get into a heated debate with Eric on our trip into the hills about the costuming and staging of “Waiting for Godot” this weekend too.

Maybe I am abrasive.

I thought I was just charmingly honest and open.

Sky didn’t seem to mind me interviewing me about some deeply personal things. But maybe that’s because we have been friends for 17 years.

Well my party on Saturday lasted into the evening and then Dee and I headed home to bed. Sunday was church, writing, getting a replacement phone and then…another party! This time a goodbye BBQ for a work friend. Parties and tears all weekend. Bummer.

It was definitely surreal having Sky back in town after going to NYC to see him this past fall. And I actually feel his absence even more acutely now that he has come and gone again. I hope it won’t be another five or six years before we get to see one another — but I can’t imagine I’ll get a chance to go back to NYC again anytime soon and I don’t imagine he has much of a reason to come back here any time soon either.

Except to see me, of course.

And I don’t miss Savannah much yet, but I also still know she is in town. Tomorrow might be when I really cry about that one.

Well that was actually just a short gloss-over of what happened. I couldn’t possibly include everything in one blog post. And I certainly don’t think I can be that busy every weekend (my apartment would never be truly clean again if I did), but I’m glad I was able to do it this week. All the various events, interactions and introductions have certainly left a mark and left me wondering where we will all go from here.

Will I ever get to talk to that boy I have a crush on? And if not, will the crush ever go away? When will I get to see Sky again? Should I stop sleeping 8 hours a night? Am I going to get to be better friends with any of the people who were included in this past weekend?

And maybe most importantly, will that sexy Ethiopian man call me (I did give him my phone number)?

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  1. May 9, 2011 12:28 pm

    Wow, whatta weekend. I need a nap just from reading about it. And may all your dreams (and fantasies) come true.


  2. Brianne permalink
    May 9, 2011 12:32 pm

    Condoms used? What about those?! lol


    • May 9, 2011 1:50 pm

      It’s a little embarrassing actually, and therefore not yet fit for public consumption — although I will probably write about it in the future when no one can connect all the dots about it. Although Sky told everyone in his cast about it, so if you are just dying to know he can tell you a couple of the details.


  3. Brianne permalink
    May 11, 2011 3:05 pm

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